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The Extension of Lu and Milios SLAM to 6 DOF

by Dorit Borrmann and Jan Elseberg

Bridge near AVZ University of Osnabrueck

With our robot Kurt3D we drove a six DOF loop over and under the bridge. During the run, the robot took several 3D laser scans. These scans have been matched with ICP (bottom left) and with an extended version of the algorithm of Lu and Milios (bottom right).

ICP scan matching LUM scan matching


Example 1: Bridge
Bridge (top View) (DiVX 2 MB)
Bridge (side View) (DiVX 2 MB)

Example 2: Second Floor AVZ, University of Osnabrück
AVZ (part 1) (DiVX 0.7 MB)
AVZ (part 2) (DiVX 1.2 MB)

Example 3: Closed loop around the small lake in the Botanical Garden, University of Osnabrück
small lake (rec. at ground level) (DiVX 13.0 MB)
small lake (top view) (DiVX 13.0 MB))
small lake (front view) (DiVX 13.0 MB)
small lake (top view) (DiVX 13.0 MB)

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Here, you find slides of a presentation (in German) ([PDF])


In German:
In English:

Andreas Nüchter, November 2006